Magento Advanced Reports


Sales Overview: Illustrates general store performance by monitoring overall sales numbers.

Product Performance: Splits total sales by product and allows tracing the performance of each individual product.

Sales by Category: Splits sales by category with a number of different stats available to compare category performance.

Sales Detailed: Offers a sales breakdown by items sold.

Sales by Coupon Code: Shows the number of orders and sales details resulting from coupon usage. Allows tracking the success of coupon-based promotions.

Sales by Payment Type: Displays sales data grouped by payment methods.

Sales by Manufacturer: Displays sales data grouped by manufacturer.

Sales by Product Attributes: Provides performance statistics for any given product or attribute combination.

Sales Detailed: Displays sales by a single item per customer.

Abandoned Carts: Sales drill-down by state/region and city.

Sales by Location: Number of abandoned carts, lost revenue and abandonment rate.

Customer Sales: Segment customers by the total sales for the specified period.  

Traffic and Conversions: With the ratio of unique visits to orders. The report features three drop-down reports: by time periods, general, and detailed product performances.


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