Advanced Portfolio Plugin for Joomla


Advanced Portfolio Pro features a clean responsive style enhanced with features to maximize your visual experiences in both list and detail view. Basic Features: Joomla MVC Standard: Advanced Portfolio’s code is written based on Joomla 3.0 standard. That makes the component work well on Joomla 3 websites and support custom layouts from templates. Multi level/nested categories: Advanced Portfolio allows you to manage projects across infinite categories/subcategories. You can also select one or multiple categories for menu item to display projects. Projects management: Advanced Portfolio allows you to create projects easily. You can add thumbnail, images gallery as well as video into your project and limit the number of projects per page. Tags Filter: On front-end projects are filtered by tags which can be created unlimitedly. Each project can use as many tags as possible. All tags are managed and supported by Joomla’s tagging system. Easy file upload: You are enabled to create unlimited sub-folders for images/files and upload many images/files at one time. Video Support: If you don’t want to show images, just show videos by using Youtube or Vimeo video url. Project URL: You can add Launch Button to each project. This Launch Button links the project to any url. Project Column: Shown projects can be divided to up-to-4 columns and limited by a certain number. Project Order: You can show projects in latest/oldest/alphabetical/reverse alphabetical or default order. Pagination: The component supports pagination to prevent you from having to load all projects at once. If you use this feature in the list of projects, your site will take a very short time to render. Clean theme and responsive design.


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