SMTP Configurator Plugin for Magento


The emails are then sent globally using the defined settings. But, what if there is a non-technical person who has to configure the email system? Or if you want to configure the email using a different host provider? It will be hard for him to do so. Also, consider if you are having multiple installations of Magento, what then? How will you configure the emails for each separate one? The easiest and most cost-saving method is to use SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) to send emails. The module SMTP configurator will allow the admin to set up the SMTP server for the website so that all the emails that are sent through the Webstore get placed through the selected host provider. The admin can easily choose the host from a list of host providers like Zimbra, Zoho, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. and then enter the username and password for the selected host and thats it, the configuration is done. You can send emails and test emails to check if the emails are being sent to the intended users or not.


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