WhatsApp Notification Plugin for Magento


In this extension, we provide one of the functionality that, when anyone creates an account, we provide one field with mobile details, mandatory and then getting one OTP to that given mobile number. So add with that OTP you can create an account in our WhatsApp notification. If anyone provides the wrong mobile contact details, then this extension does not create an account with WhatsApp notification. If in case, Guest customers are there, who should add to cart product and done with check out at that moment, ask for mobile verification. If mobile verification is done then and then only you move ahead with further procedure. We provide a number of notifications with this extension like, Create account OTP, Guest check-out OTP, Order place notification for user and admin for both. Invoice notification, Shipment notification for user and admin for both. CreditMemo notification for user and admin for both. Cancel order notification for user and admin for both etc. With techie and smart way for the benefits of WhatsApps usage for Magento stores, we Logicrays Technologies developed the WhatsApp notification extension. It includes Magento with WhatsApp to send WhatsApp SMS notification to customers, updating them about their store activities and order statuses. Admin can send a customized notification to their respective customers along with customizing messages send to their customers. In the Admin side, we provide customize the configuration for adding mobile contact details for various order notifications like Order placement, order invoice, order shipment, credit memo, order cancel.


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